Pretarget your customers with the power of Predictive Content. Take real-time Adaptive Content to the next level with cloud-based machine learning.

End-to-end personalized video, powered by real-time machine learning. Video elements are automatically selected in real time, for each individual, showcasing the version with the highest odds for conversion.

Emails that automatically adapt to the moment of each open. Real-time optimization, Video in email, Countdown timers, and so much more.

Countdown Timers
Device Targeting
Flash Sales

Clear Box Machine Learning

Say goodbye to painful A/B testing and hello to crystal clear, real-time insights.

Always-on optimization automates the multivariate testing process and delivers the contextual relevance of true one-to-one messaging. Dead simple real-time dashboards keep you in the loop.

We Are Wylei

Wylei is a leading innovator in the cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation space, powered by minds from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and CMU. Wylei is the pioneer of Predictive Content™, digital content that automatically assembles itself in real-time for each impression.