We believe direct
marketing can be better.

Direct marketing messages should feel relevant and welcome to consumers. Yet too much of the content we're faced with online feels uninspired and impersonal. Because, too often, it is.

But it's not the marketer's fault. How can you treat everyone as an individual when you have more customers than seconds in a day? We inject direct marketing with automated intelligence that adapts your message to each unique situation, and each unique individual, to make sure you're always relevant.

We make sure you treat each customer as an individual, taking into account what, when, and how they like to hear from you. Automatically.

We believe direct marketing can be better, because we're making it better every day.


Meg has successfully built and exited four other companies including founding HealthTech Digital Communications, CBS Healthwatch, and Inverse Mobile, LLC recently sold to EY as well as CEO of Three were sold to the Fortune 100 and one IPO.

Meg holds a BA in Business from Rider University and attended Columbia’s post-bac pre-med graduate program.

Meg Columbia-Walsh CEO

Mike is Wylei's resident big data and machine learning nerd. As Chief Data Science & Innovation Officer, Mike brings a tremendous depth of experience in predictive marketing analytics as well as vertical expertise in retail, hospitality, financial services, and consumer goods.

Mike holds a BA in Applied Mathematics in Computer Science from Harvard College, and an MBA from the Stanford GSB.

Mike Monteiro Chief Data Science & Innovation Officer

Ken leads the development of Wylei's technology. A true technical master with a long track record of rapidly solving problems no one else can, Ken is an expert in the latest web and data technologies including HTML5, NodeJS, and MongoDB as well as the full Microsoft .NET stack.

Ken holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from SUNY Buffalo State where he graduated magna cum laude.

Ken Kozaczka VP of Engineering

Mike is Wylei's chief customer advocate. Mike has decades of strategic and operational experience helping brands engage their customers through email. He leverages a wide array of skills daily, from deep technical knowledge of ESPs, to marketing strategy, to creative asset development.

Mike holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College.

Mike Gage Director of Client Services and Strategy