Wylei Adaptive Content TM

Messaging that adapts to the moment of open.

Real-time Optimization

Deliver both A and B, without lifting a finger.

  • Fully automated A/B, multifactor, and multivariate testing
  • Automatically learn where A works best, where B works best, and use the best option for each unique context
  • Listen continuously and adapt automatically as results evolve over time
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Video in Email

Captivate your audience with content that moves.

  • Rich audio experience with auto-play capability at the moment of open
  • Gracefully compatible content across all devices, including iOS 8
  • Responsive screen sizing that automatically adjusts for a perfect fit
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Geo-location Targeting

Increase relevance with hyper-local targeting.

  • Convenient geo-specific maps, directions, distance, and nearest location hours
  • Regionally-targeted events and brands speak the local language
  • Adaptable messaging between home and work
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Device Targeting

Optimize messaging with integrated device recognition.

  • Both images and text adapt to fit the specific device
  • Calls-to-action tailored to the context of every device
  • Automatically expand and contract your message for the best fit
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Weather-driven Messaging

Sync your message with the outdoors.

  • Real-time local or destination-based weather forecasts
  • Offers based on weather conditions at the moment of open
  • Image backdrops consistent with the weather outside
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Interactive Flash Sales

Entice your audience with now-or-never offers.

  • Embedded real-time units sold and remaining inventory
  • Dynamically inserted discounts based on up-to-the-minute sales
  • Instantly pivot an offer at the moment a sale ends or inventory is depleted
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Up-to-the-second Accuracy

Ensure your message is always current.

  • Up-to-the-minute tallies of rewards points
  • Dynamically updated shipping information
  • Billing emails that update after payment submission
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Real-world Relevance

Keep your subscribers connected.

  • Real-time stock activity and TV listings
  • The latest local news and events
  • Up-to-the-second external data updates
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Real-time Web Clips

Pull live web content into email.

  • Content from social feeds or banner ads scrolling live
  • Current offers from your site pulled straight into the email
  • Up-to-the-second content from external sites
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Rich Personalization

Stand out by personalizing more than just the subject line.

  • Embed the recipient’s name deep inside the creative
  • Celebrate a personal event such as a birthday or anniversary
  • Seamlessly integrate wish lists or abandoned products into creative assets
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Countdown Timers

Add urgency to your message.

  • Animated gifs count down the seconds to the end of a sale
  • Countdown windows can be time-zone-specific or personalized to the recipient
  • Immediately pivot to a different offer once the sale ends
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Scratch-off Offers

Make your offer intriguing.

  • Animated image of a mystery offer being scratched off
  • Interactive “click-to-scratch” reveal experience, compatible with touch devices
  • Full offer displayed in the email after the scratch-off is complete
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Interactive Email

Make your email act more like a website.

  • Swipe left and right to view additional content
  • Offers that pop-up when the email is opened and become a banner once dismissed
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