Predictive Emails

Challenge - How do you improve your open rates, not increase churn when you up your volume, and get better click and conversion rates?

Solution: Predictive Emails

To increase engagement and to earn more opens and clicks, emails need to present content that matches your recipient’s personal interests. As your database grows, simple segmentation lacks the personalized feel of an email that has perfectly matched content.

Wylei leverages a real-time machine learning engine that listens and learns what content performs best for your specific audience. Using hundreds of variables, Wylei looks for subtle patterns and then selects the right content, best timing, and most compelling creative to present to each individual in your audience to ensure that you get the best chance for opens, clicks, and conversions.

Automated Relevancy Engine

Wylei uses a series of advanced algorithms to make smart content decisions for your emails. The cloud-based Automated Relevancy Engine parses subscriber data, contextual data learned in the moment of open, and real-time campaign performance data to make a hyper-targeted decision on what will yield the best response.

So What?

So with Wylei’s Automated Relevancy Engine working to deliver smarter content, our clients average a 27% increase in Click-to-Open rates. Don’t just send more emails that send you down a death-spiral of churn, send smarter emails that perform better and delight your subscribers. Send Predictive Emails.

Next Step

If you want to pursue a discussion with a member of the Wylei team to review how we can deliver measurable lift to your digital marketing and leverage our Predictive Content in email, please fill out the enclosed form so that we can contact you to coordinate an introductory call. Thanks for considering Wylei. We look forward to speaking with you soon.