What is Predictive Content™?

Real Time Content Assembly
Pivot content based on each viewer’s real-time context.
Predictive Intelligence
Automatically discover and leverage subtle patterns in digital engagement.
Cross-Channel Compatibility
Drive orchestrated messaging across channels (web, email, mobile) and media types (images, text, video).
Predictive Email  

A real-time portal inside the email that automatically adapts to each open, delivering the best-fit message by using cloud-based machine learning.


Predictive Video  

End-to-end deeply personalized video, rendered in real-time with predictive intelligence that dynamically selects elements and assembles them into a custom video engineered to convert each unique viewer.


Predictive Web Content  

Personalized webpages that automatically learn to adapt themselves to be as engaging as possible for each individual visitor.

Predictive Mobile Content  

Mobile app content that pivots for each individual user based on real-time identified patterns through machine learning.